Trinity Houston




Each year, IIFC executive producer Trinity Houston has one simple goal that drives her passion – owning that phrase for which Idyllwild has become famous: “The greatest little film festival on earth.” That motto, originally coined by LA Weekly and writer Devon Morris, is not always easy to live up to. But Ms. Houston takes it very seriously and strives each year to carry that torch forward with a firm hold on the year at hand and an eye toward the future. To create a great experience for each and every filmmaker with a project on the schedule, Ms. Houston follows the festival’s mission statement to the letter: To run a film festival that is first and foremost for and about filmmakers. And so, as IIFC moves into its 8th season, every filmmaker in attendance can rest assured that she is doing all it takes to bring something unique that other festivals don’t offer: A personal interest in each and every film and filmmaker. As festival director Stephen Savage put it so eloquently at the 2015 IIFC awards ceremony, “We directors have a lot of credit handed to us for the hard work and dedication of a slew of people working behind the scenes. So, as I show up each year, wave my hat and shake everyone’s hand, I like to remind people that the great experience they have at Idyllwild is due to the folks who actually run the show. And the people running the IIFC show are Trinity and her amazing team.” Long hours, months of planning, organization and a non stop dedication to the festival are why IIFC has earned the moniker “The greatest little film festival on earth.” Wear it proud, Trinity. You are the reason it’s so much more than a catch-phrase.