2021 Screenings Information

Note From Stephen Savage

Founder/Director, IIFC

Dear IIFC Selected Filmmakers, 

Due to the fact that we are unable to guarantee 100% protection from theft of your work, no matter what streaming platform we utilize, we have made the decision that we will be screening none of our selected films for 2021 to a general online audience. After careful research and advice seeking, we have concluded that the risk of our chosen films falling victim to online piracy is simply too high for us to comfortably take. And for this reason, we will not be offering your hard work and intellectual property to any streaming platform that could in any way be compromised.  No one is more disappointed about this decision than myself, our staff, and the organizers of IIFC, but the circumstances that each and every one of us have endured during this pandemic has forced some hard decisions, and this is one we simply cannot ignore. But rest assured, though the live theater screening experience we have always provided our filmmakers, with full and eager audiences in attendance, is not possible this year, your projects are in no way receiving any less attention from our judges than they normally would. Your films are being reviewed by our carefully selected voting committees, and by our illustrious Grand Jury, via the online, password protected screener links you have provided through FilmFreeway. Though we will be forgoing the Audience Choice Award for 2021, a category that is normally voted on by the live IIFC viewing audience and attendees, all other awards categories are undergoing the same careful scrutiny they would in any “Normal” year. We are confident that we will be back as a fully live, in person event in 2022. But for now, we appreciate your talent, your work ethic, and your patience, as we march through this difficult year. We are, as always, grateful that you have brought your wonderful projects to us. Idyllwild is a “Filmmaker’s Festival”, and it is our filmmakers that have made us the well established and internationally respected festival that we are. And because of you, we will strive to make Idyllwild 2021 as meaningful and productive as any of our previous 12 years have been. Thank you for your understanding, and best of luck in the awards voting. 


With gratitude,

Stephen Savage, Director

Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema