11 Years. 11 years of what the Hollywood Reporter called “A true indie Film Festival”, and the LA Weekly touted as a “Mini Sundance”. I couldn’t be more proud of how far this festival has come, and of my partner, Trinity Houston, and the IIFC team who have made it all possible. I had high hopes when I first started laying out the foundation for IIFC in 2009, but the past decade and more has proven to me that even the highest hopes can fall short of some amazing realities. And now, IIFC moves into this milestone season so strong and so viable, I am literally in awe of its potential, as every year the quality of filmmaking gets better, and bigger, and more inspiring, and with a continued commitment to true artistic diversity without the trappings of the PC, anti artist, stiflings that seem to permeate many film festivals today  And to add even more awe to my already huge exuberance, the audiences keep coming in greater numbers. To say we have come into our own falls short of the mark. IIFC has come so far in 11 years that we can now say, without fear of exaggeration, that we are truly one of the “Go To” festivals for filmmakers and film lovers in California. And we show no sign of slowing down. So, let’s make 2020, Idyllwild’s 11th season, the best one yet, by ensuring not only the best selection of independent films ever assembled, but also by promising to inspire, thrill, and excite, all who come this March 9th through 15th, as we celebrate the spirit of independent filmmaking worldwide.

I look forward to seeing you all at Idyllwild 2020.

Stephen Savage

Director, IIFC