Stephen Savage

Founder/Director, IIFC

Stephen Savage is an international award-winning, screenwriter, producer, and film, TV, and commercial director. Named one of the New Indie Mavericks by The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen’s writing and directing resume includes the sleeper hit of the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival, “Cosmic Radio” (which was also a special invited film to The Sundance Film Festival that year), the Sundance Channel western-thriller “The Hunter’s Moon”, “Legacy”, now in worldwide release in seven languages, and “Vertical”, the female driven drama, winner of the Best Foreign Film at the 2015 London International Film Festival.

Stephen is currently under contract as a staff writer for Paramount Studios and the new Paramount Network. His commercial work for companies like Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, Acura, and the 2012 Super Bowl spot for Suzuki, along with his direction of all access concert footage of the LA Philharmonic, Billy Idol, Carls Santana, and Morrissey at The Hollywood Bowl, have earned Stephen a place among the most active independent filmmakers working today. Having worked with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, and now as the author of a brand new theatrical staged version of “Ramona”, California’s official state play, Stephen is on track to break out as one of “The” Director’s to watch for in the coming years. His current feature film project is a Rock and Roll rom-com starring Anne Archer and an all star cast, entitled “Ulysses Coyote”, with London, UK footage in the can and the reminder of principle cinematography in and around Joshua Tree, California, to begin in March 2020.

Trinity Houston

Festival Executive Producer

Whether it be producing feature films, commercial video, and television programing, traveling the world to produce live concert DVDs and streaming events for legendary musical artists such as Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues and the iconic Alan Parsons, or heading up the Idyllwild International festival of Cinema (IIFC), Trinity Houston does it all with a style and flare that makes it all look easy. Now, Trinity has moved into the world of film and music distribution as an agent for Studio City Pictures in Los Angeles, scouting and procuring quality content for theatrical and streaming entities worldwide.

Trinity Houston’s life from a very early age has been driven by a single, undeniable force: Creativity. After exploring an interest in health as a pre-med student, Ms. Houston’s artistic and marketing desires began to pull her in a different direction, as she embarked on a successful career in entrepreneurship, with business dealings throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Her strong background in Entertainment, Publishing, Event Planning, Trade Show Management and Public Relations, has contributed in significant ways to her success as the current CEO of IM3Global Entertainment, an international media, management, and marketing firm based in Southern California.

Ms. Houston became an internationally recognized face in 2017 after being caught on the Island of Saint Martin during the devastating Hurricane Irma, where, armed only with a satellite phone, her successful rescue efforts made it possible to rescue hundreds of stranded American citizens and others. Trinity became an in demand talk show guest, recounting the events of the horrific natural disaster on renowned programs like CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

As Marketing Director for a number of renowned Caribbean resorts, one of Ms. Houston’s early creations was Vacation Entertainment Television, which continues to broadcast daily on travel and leisure channels in multiple languages globally. She was also the creator and producer of INdTelevision for Time Warner Cable and now EyeOnIndie, an arts and entertainment programming entity spotlighting talent in Independent Film, Music and Culture. Her producing, directing, on-camera and voice-over talents have also kept her busy with literally hundreds of additional commercial and corporate productions.

The Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema is proud to boast that this industrious and visionary young woman has now held the position of Executive Producer for 9 of its11 years, taking the festival into the 2020 season bigger and stronger than ever, with an eye toward the future, and the same visionary idealism that first launched her career into the world of international entertainment.